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If you have any other questions please do call 07836-674582 or email enquiry@pickaparty.co.uk

General Terms

Use of this website is entirely at your own risk. No liability arising from your use of this site or any content thereof will be entertained, but you will be if you book us.

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We welcome bookings for any of our entertainments by phone or email, you should check availability & agree price in advance.

A booking is not guaranteed or confirmed unless you receive, complete and return a booking form us in writing either by email or post. We will forward a booking form to you for completion usually within 48 hours of your enquiry and confirm the booking when you return it with your deposit.

Unless we have a prior agreement with you or your organisation a non refundable booking fee will apply. The amount will be agreed with you depending on the event and associated costs, please see our price guide or call for more information.

If you have to cancel an event less than 28 days before it is scheduled we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a booking due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as illness or accident and are unable to agree an alternative date we will refund your deposit and any advance fees paid. We will not accept liability for any losses or consequential losses in the event of such a cancellation however incurred and will do our best to provide an alternative.

We are happy to carry out risk assessments prior to engagements so our performers and staff can expect to work in safe, clean environments, therefore we reserve the right to cancel, cut short or modify our provision of entertainment should unacceptable risks be evident prior to commencement. In such cases our cancellation policy as stated above will be in force.

Full terms are available on request.